Chrome closes in on Firefox

Chrome may soon have the upper hand in the browser wars, as the Mountain View browser closes in on Mozilla’s Firefox.

According to Net Applications latest worldwide browser usage measurements, Chrome is only 4 per cent behind Firefox – which dropped in popularity by 2 per cent since January.

Stiff competition from both Internet Explorer and Chrome have caused the popular browser’s numbers to flag this year – Firefox numbers slipped 0.4 per cent while Chrome inched forward 0.7 per cent.

Firefox and Chrome now account for 22.1 per cent and 18.2 per cent respectively – compared to Internet Explorer which holds a clear lead with more than 50 per cent of the browser market under its belt.

“Firefox once was the prime challenger to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, which for years languished in the doldrums of software development. Now it shares that role with Chrome and, to a lesser degree, Apple’s Safari,” said Cnet’s Steven Shankland.

While Internet Explorer remains in the lead with a 52.6 per cent share of the market, Microsoft is working to develop Internet Explorer to a high degree once more; with IE9 being considered a very creditable browser and IE10 anticipated to be another quality release.

After declining in popularity for many years – though still maintaining the lion’s share of the market – IE’s market share turned around in November and has started to increase slowly.

However, if Chrome continues steady growth at this rate, then the browser landscape could be somewhat different in a couple of years – in January Chrome held an 11.5 per cent market share – a number that has jumped to 18 per cent in less than a year.

As the gap between Chrome and Firefox continues to close, users could soon see the race for top browser heating up even further as the industry’s best browsers go head-to-head for top spot.

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